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Ratings Board Reveals "Burnout Crash"


The Australian Classifications Board has rated a game known as "Burnout Crash" for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. The rating declares the title to be "multi platform," and Gamerbytes discovered that it's heading to the PS3 and 360.

EA has been listed as the author and publisher, though the production company was not named. Given the country of origin being the UK, however, all signs point to Criterion. The long-time developers of the Burnout franchise worked on Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit last year, their first work within the racing genre away from Burnout.

The last Burnout game to be released was Paradise in 2008, and a new iteration is certainly due. The multitude of racing games that have been released over the past three years have certainly fulfilled fans' desires, but nothing beats the carnage of a late-night session on Burnout. To further fuel speculation, Criterion Games' boss Alex Ward recently tweeted that the team is "all prepping a presentation on our next game."

It's not known what type of game it's going to be (downloadable or full retail), though Gamerbytes pointed out that a rating before an official announcement probably indicates a downloadable title. A spin-off based on Burnout's massively successful Crash mode, anyone?

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