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Rare, Microsoft-exclusive white Xbox One up for charity auction

White Xbox One

Remember that white Xbox One that Microsoft announced is only for select employees who worked on the console? Well, it can be yours…for a price and a good cause.

GamesAid is raising money for charity by auctioning off one of these white consoles via eBay.

The winning bidder will receive the white console, it’s matching controller, and black Kinect following the Xbox One’s official release date on Nov. 22.

As an added bonus, this specific console will feature the engraved “I MADE THIS” on the console’s faceplate that previously was for Microsoft designers only.

At the time of writing, the auction price sits at £16,300.00 ($22,070.22) with 65 bidders.

Want in on the bidding action? Click here.

Happy bidding!

Source: [eBay via IGN

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