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Raptr Reveals Modern Warfare 3 More Popular than Battlefield 3


Stat-tracking game service Raptr today weighed in on the Battlefield vs. Call of Duty war. However rather than simply express baseless opinion, they've relied on cold hard facts to make the case that Call of Duty is without a doubt... more popular than Battlefield?

Big surprise there. But here's two interesting facts:

  • 53% of Battlefield 3 players on Xbox 360 are also playing Modern Warfare 3, compared to just 31% of Modern Warfare 3 players who also played Battlefield 3. 
  • During the first week of launch, Modern Warfare 3 stole the most playtime from Battlefield 3 than any other game

Seems as though many Battlefield gamers aren't satisfied with their experience, jumping on board the Call of Duty bandwagon. Though the fact that Battlefield 3 launched two weeks earlier could account for the discrepency. Either way, Call of Duty is definitely the winner in this year's race, though Battlefield has put up a fine showing. We'll be looking forward to more mudslinging once Modern Warfare 4 and Battlefield 4 are announced.

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