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Rapper has beef with GTA 5 and serves Rockstar up a phat diss with cease and desist

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Former member of Tha Dogg Pound, rapper Daz Dillinger, is using legal means in an effort to either get more money from Rockstar for two of his songs that were used in Grand Theft Auto 5, or to have all copies of the game recalled and destroyed...




The 40-year-old rapper had his attorney send Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive a cease and desist letter because two of his songs were used in GTA 5 -- "C-Walk" and "Nothin' but the Cavi Hit." Mr. Dillinger reportedly turned down an offer of $4,271 for both songs, but they are in the game. 

He'll get more money, because there's no way gamers are going to return and have Rockstar destroy a game they love. And to destroy all unsold copies? Hah! It's ludicrous to believe that is a realistic option, so Mr. Dillinger should have had his lawyers leave out such a ridiculous request. It makes him look a little stupid. 

Daz Dillinger told TMZ, the source here, so let's take that for what it's worth, that this case is about "respecting an artist's work. Rockstar didn't do that here and I can't let them get away with it."

Rockstar has 14 days to meet the rapper's demands or strike a deal with him. Odds are he's being really greedy and wants an insane amount of money because of how popular the game is -- which has nothing to do with his two songs. And I'm really surprised that Rockstar would use two songs that an artist declined a deal for them to use.

By the way, I will never source TMZ again. I will never read anything on their site, because I read it in that cheezy, annoying TMZ voice and now I'm disgusted with myself. 

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