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Rainbow 6: Patriots still being worked on; will be re-revealed when "perfect"


Speaking with IGN at Gamescom 2013, Ubisoft executive director Alain Corre said that Rainbow 6: Patriots is still being worked on, and that the team doesn't want to re-reveal it until everything is "perfect."

Corre told IGN, "On Rainbow 6, it's still cooking. It's an important franchise for Ubisoft. We want to make sure, on this one, like all the other games we're working on, that we bring it when we feel it's perfect."

Rainbow 6: Patriots, which has shifted to next-gen consoles, may not feature the same premise/story that we saw in the original reveal. 

"We can't say yet. We're iterating," commented Corre. "What we want is to have a compelling story. We want people who play the next Rainbow 6 to be astonished, to be very pleased with what they see. You've seen that the improvement in games over the last few years has been exponential. We have to reflect that improvement in quality. That's what we're doing on all our games."

Back in May, GameStop removed the game from its database. Hopefully we find out more soon; it probably won't be PAX Prime next week soon, but maybe some time between PAX East and E3 next year. 

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