Rain-Slick 3 patch adds new stuff, fixes other stuff

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Indie developer Zeboyd Games has released a patch for Penny Arcade's Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3. The update, which should download automatically for Steam users, adds a new Costume Change feature to the game that includes several outfits for the game's characters.

In addition to that sweet bonus, some bugs and typos are also being addressed through the patch. The one I'm happiest to learn about is the balance improvement to the Evil King. That bastard was tough, so it's great to see he's being balanced a bit more.

The following is the detailed list of additions and fixes the Fan-Fiction Free DLC patch (incredible name) addresses:

  • New Feature – Added a Costume Change feature that allows the player to change the appearance of the four main characters to a new theme.
  • Costumes can be changed when starting a new game or in-game via the quit/difficulty select menu.
  • Costume — Added “Gender-Swapped” costume set.
  • Costume — Added “Furry” costume set.
  • Bug fix: characters no longer retain class stat bonuses from removed classes.
  • Balance improvement: Crabomancer’s special attack is more predictable and slightly less powerful.
  • Balance improvement: Evil King’s stat boosting ability only increases strength & magic stats (previously, it also boosted speed).
  • Miscellaneous typo & bug corrections.

In addition to this update, Rain-Slick 3 players can expect some free DLC next month when PAX Prime rolls by. Watch out for it.

[Zeboyd Games]

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