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Rain looks like 2013's Journey for the PS3


We're slowly beginning to see more of Sony Japan Studio's Rain -- a mysterious game first revealed at Gamescom last year. Last week we received a batch of screenshots showing off the game's clever concept. That is, a boy awakes in a dark and dreary world to the silhouette of a girl, make only visible by the rain. It is through the rain that the outlines of you and other characters are revealed. 

A little confused? Thankfully, a new gameplay trailer for Rain has been released, revealing nearly six minutes of gameplay footage captured from Chapter 1: The Children and the Night. Judging from the video, Rain appears to be very much focused on storytelling. The story is told through a series of text strings that appear when you reach a certain area. We do get a brief look at the action, although there doesn't seem to be much you can do in terms of combat; rather, you must use the buildings' cover to become invisible from the rain and enemies.

Judging from the early gameplay shown, Rain very well could be one of this year's most intriguing PS3 titles. It definitely has the potential to achieve what Journey amounted to in 2012, though those are mighty big shoes to fill. Rain certainly has its own unique style and charm to it, and from the look and feel to the overall tone, it seems to be focused more on the emotional journey you will experience upon playing.

Rain is currently listed as "coming soon" to the PlayStation 3.

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