RAGE Strategy and Interactive Map Pack Available on iTunes

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If you're finding yourself stuck in RAGE's barren wasteland you might want to check out Prima's new iPad/iPhone App.  The new strategy and interactive map gets you access tot he Hagar Settlement Map and Ghost Hideout Map for free, in addition to allowing you to view key locations, keep track of items you ened, and zoom in/out of points of interest.

You can also purchase maps of the Wasteland and Eastern Wasteland along with their interior maps, a complete Mission Flow Chart of every quest and mission, and the RAGE Frezy Card Game Tutorial with a list of all cards and their locations.  You have the option to buy each one separately (prices below) or combine them all and buy the bundle for an affordable $5.99.

  • Hagar Settlement & Ghost Hideout Map (FREE)
  • Engineering Schematic (FREE)
  • Wasteland and Interior Maps ($1.99)
  • Eastern Wasteland and Interior Maps ($1.99)
  • Mission Flow Chart ($2.99)
  • RAGE Frenzy Tutorial and Card List ($0.99)


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