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Rage now available on Mac


Earlier today, Bethesda confirmed on its blog that Rage was officially available on Mac. This is great news for anyone who may have been holding out on playing the game to wait for this very day when it would launch for Apple's brand of computers (because that's exactly what they are, computers--please try to remember that). The game has received some fixes and it is left almost untouched. Almost.

There are a few quirks that gamers should be aware of. For starters, the game is dubbed Rage: Campaign Edition. What this means is that there's no competitive multiplayer. Considering the fact that Rage's multiplayer consisted entirely of racing modes, this isn't exactly a sinful omission.

Rage: Campaign Edition does, however, include the Wasteland sewer missions and all of the stuff from the Anarchy Edition. That's pretty neat, right? You can snag Rage: Campaign Edition on Mac for $39.99 pretty much everywhere except Steam. I can definitely see this price getting a reduction fairly soon already.

I really liked Rage, and it's a shame it didn't sell particularly well. Sure, it doesn't have any snazzy multiplayer modes like Call of Duty (which I really don't care for anyway), but it gets down to what developer id Software knows best. It gives you awesome shooting action and a bunch of freaks to blast in the face. If you haven't already, you should really check it out.

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