Quizical Games Releases Quizmas in Lapland

December 9, 2008

Quizical Games Releases Quizmas in Lapland

Christmas trivia has arrived in the form of Quizmas in Lapland, a downloadable PC game from Quizical Games. Available as a free demo or for purchase through the Quizmas in Lapland Web site (, the game allows up to three players to field multiple choice questions from Mr. North Pole himself, Santa Claus.

Players will enjoy colorful Christmas scenes as they choose from one of three characters and then answer questions covering a broad range of holiday topics. Participants young and old will increase their knowledge of the history of the season as they enjoy more than 1,000 questions written specifically for this release. In addition, players are asked to unscramble a variety of holiday words as snow falls gently from the top of their display.

Click here to download the new Quizmas in Lapland demo.

Quizmas in Lapland comes with five game modes, including two single-player modes and three multiplayer modes. In A Row challenges solo players to earn as many points as they can by answering a series of questions at their leisure. Quickfire allows experienced players to answer a sequence of timed questions. Participants who answer correctly and quickly earn more time in this exciting and addictive game mode!

When players get their friends and family members together, they can play 1 Chance, a single elimination mode in which the last player standing is the winner; 3 Lights, in which players are given three lights to burn answers before they’re booted from the game; and First to Ten, in which a wrong answer takes a participant back to zero!

With mouse-based controls, the option to view the correct answer after getting a question wrong, night and day scenes and unique animations for each character, Quizmas in Lapland offers a complete set of features sure to please trivia buffs everywhere.

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