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Quarrel & Puddle now available on the Xbox Live Arcade marketplace


Xbox Live Arcade's weekly releases, though expected, still catch us by surprise sometimes, not with their gameplay, but with their titles, and this week proves just that. Available now on the marketplace is Quarrel and Puddle, or Words with Friends Meets 300, and Watch a Green Substance Travel Down my Body. If you're into any of that, then you'll definitely enjoy what these games have to offer, but if not, stick to whatever you're playing now. 

Quarrel can best be described as fighting with words. Heck, the tag-line is "Come settle your differences with wordplay rather than swordplay." Create letters to demolish your foes, and eventually take over new kingdoms. Hopefully, though, your enemies will not have online cheating boards like your opponents do in Words with Friends (that still take two freakin' days to make their move). If you're into "wordy" games, at 400 MSP, Quarrel may be a fun game to try out. 

Puddle, on the other hand, is probably the strangest pitch for a game ever. Nevertheless, the title started out as a student project that won a Student Showcase prize at Independent Gaming Festival at GDC 2010, so it must be worth something. The core concept is, simply, guiding puddles of fluid through different types of environments, taking into account gravity, friction, and much more. It's an interesting idea that is probably an addictive hit, or a flop, and at 800 MSP, you can find out for yourself. 

Below are more details on both titles, and links for download: 


Price: 400 MSP (Free trial game)

Download Size: 111.54 MB

To download Quarrel to your Xbox 360, click here


Price: 800 MSP (Free trial version)

Download Size: 860.61 MB

To download Puddle to your Xbox 360, click here

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