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Q&A for King of Clubs

January 30, 2007

Q&A for King of Clubs

Q&A with Bubba King (intellectual property owner) and his attorney Vincent Smith, explaining the background to Oxygen's forthcoming King of Clubs

Oxygen Games has released a new Q&A for their upcoming game, King of Clubs. The Q&A, with "Bubba King", can be read below.

Q: What improvements will the public see in Mr King’s theme park?

A (Mr King): Over the coming months we’ll be releasing more details of the extravagant and dee-light-ful additions to the park that my paw's cash has allowed me to invest in. While ah don’t want to give the whole game away right now ah’ll just say that anyone familiar with the antibiotic creatures in the dinosaur movie Gymnastic Park will be happier than a stuck hog!

A (Mr Smith): Mr King wishes you to know that no expense has been spared bringing the finest animatronic attractions to our state of the art facility.

A (Mr King): Yes suh, we even got us some pigs on sticks. And boy that just ain't the half of it.

Q: So the park is being refitted as a result of investment from Mr King’s father?

A (Mr King): Sure. That and because it was closed by the county sheriff following last year’s tragedy.

A (Mr Smith): What Mr King means to say is that park was closed for major improvements following a doubling of investment from Mr King’s father. Such is the scale of the magnificent restructuring that the whole park had to be closed while construction was undertaken. And of course all safety reviews were undertaken at the same time.

Q: What events will accompany the grand reopening of the park?

A (Mr King): We’ll be having a hog roast!

A (Mr Smith): More to the point, there will also be a video game.

A (Mr King): Oh, sure. The grand reopening will be complimented by those fine folks at Oxygen Games, as they are fixin' one of those television games. And there’ll be a hog roast.

Q: Can you tell us more about the video game?

A (Mr King): I’m told it’s called King of Clubs, inna which ya’ll be able to try out all the dee-lights of our park before ya come and visit. It’ll all be inna there, the pigs on sticks, the ter-ree-fying sharks, that little caveman dude and all. It says here that it’s "a fun and engaging party game for the whole family, that promises to torment and delight in equal measure,” whatever that means.

A (Mr Smith): What Mr King means is that we are confident that the game will be an outstanding social gaming experience, rated PEGI 3+ to suit all ages, with an off-beat premise and stylized artistic presentation. Available on multiple console and handheld formats this summer, we are delighted to be involved with this project.

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