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Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - Game with Dev on XBLA Today

April 10, 2009

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - Game with Dev on XBLA Today

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix will be participating in Microsoft’s “Days of Arcade” Xbox Live event today. Days of Arcade, which kicked off in March, is a six-week long promotion featuring a new, downloadable Xbox Live Arcade hit each week. Players will also be able to test their skills against the development team who made Puzzle Quest: Galactrix.

This Friday, April 10th (today) from 5:00 to 8:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, players will have a chance to get their “puzzle” on with the team at Infinite Interactive.

Steve Fawkner - SirianKnight = CEO, Creative Lead (on Galactrix)

Rhiannon Jones - deathbyfurballs = Assistant Producer

Rhiannon McLachlan - ashalind = Artist

Brendan Seabrook MitfordOnline = Gameplay Programmer

Andrew Castenmiller - Andgoo = DS Programmer (on Galactrix)

Ian Gielen - Haggis McHaggis = Gameplay Programmer

Paula Nguyen - faithless01 = Assistant Producer (on Galactrix)

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