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Puzzle Platformer Rochard Hits PSN Next Month


Back in February we got word that a new puzzle platformer titled Rochard would be hitting the PlayStation Network. Developed by Recoil Games, the downloadable title tells the story of intergalactic space miner John Rochard, who ends up stuck within the confines of an asteroid, with no idea as to where the rest of his crew may be. As Rochard, you must navigate through the alien-built structures on the asteroid and discover exactly what the aliens have planned.

You can check out more screenshots and video footage of Rochard on the game's official website. The game looks pretty promising, sporting clean visuals and some cool puzzle platforming gameplay. You'll also have access to a gravity gun that can be used to move heavy objects around with ease, which should come in handy for taking out enemies and solving brain teasers.

Rochard will feature five chapters, and according to the website, each of these will be "crammed with fast-paced platforming action and mind-bending puzzles." The developers have also boasted a comical story with humorous characters, which seems to be on par with the game's cartoon-like look.

Overall, Rochard looks like a promising PlayStation Network download, and fans of the genre should keep a lookout for the game. I got in contact with Recoil Games, and I was told that Rochard will be landing on PlayStation Network early next month (around September 9). Additionally, the developers are currently looking at a $10 asking price, though pricing details aren't finalized just yet. Watch out for Rochard when it hits the PlayStation Store in just a handful of weeks.

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