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Puzzle-platformer Pid is $1 on IndieGameStand


I'm really glad that a game titled Pid is also a puzzle-platformer because it allows me to be liberal with the alliteration in my titles for news surrounding the game. Now that that's out of the way, you should know that this game from developer Might and Delight is available for a single dollar on IndieGameStand.

Of course, giving a little more on the pay-what-you-want site also means you get a little more. For instance, if you beat the average payment, you'll be rewarded with bonus content. Paying up $10 will get you Pid, The Trouble with Robots, and whatever indie title pops up next on the site.

Ten percent of all proceeds from this IndieGameStand campaign will go toward charity. Might and Delight has decided to support Medicins Sans Frontieres this time around.


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