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Puzzle & Dragons updates adds new ultimate fusions, awoken changes, and cost reductions


A new Puzzle & Dragons update means a bunch of delicious new features. Is that rather repetitive? It rather is! We’re looking at a whole slew of new goodies. How does new ultimate fusions sound? What about new awoken skills? Skill changes? Stat changes? Cost reductions? All are a thing and very real.

Here is a list of highlighted new features:

  • New Ultimate Fusions for legendary monsters such as Awoken Odin, Ancestor of the Gods, Izanagi, and Awoken Athena
  • Awoken skill changes for Valkyries
  • Skill changes for Ame no Uzume, Neptune, and others
  • Stat changes for Greco-Roman Series 2 Gods
  • Cost Reductions for select monsters
  • Other adjustments

Here is a list of the new ultimate evolutions. If you want to know what goes into what, you can check out their Facebook page to know the exact materials required.

  • Tortoise Mountain Genbu, Meimei
  • Awoken Odin
  • Awoken Athena
  • Ancestor of the Gods, Izanagi
  • Lightning Archdemon Baal
  • Mystic Mech Dragon, Antikythera
  • Mystic Crystal Dragon, Crystalskull

Collect those evo materials, get the space, and go to town on these units!

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