Puzzle & Dragons’ update version 6.5.2 brings new ultimates, helper system, and bug fixes

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Everyone loves a good patch. Puzzle & Dragons has delivered the 6.5.2. patch with all of its glory and changes. Who doesn’t like new ultimate evolutions? Kouryu the Star Emperor, Fagan, and Soul Guardian Byakko, Haku all have been blessed with ultimates.

Your Norse Gods are getting an overhaul as well. These gods and goddess are betting buffed with improved stats for their ultimate versions.

Perhaps the newest feature that no one saw coming is the helper system. If you’re rank 120 and up, you automatically have this new tool at your disposal. What it does is gives you more variation on what leaders you can use from your friends. This new system allows you to use either the leader they last used OR the leader of their team in slot one. If they last used their first team, you only get the one option. To better understand this, check out the image below – observe the names and numbers.


Here are the other features of the 6.5.2  patch:

  • Cost Reductions for Select Monsters
  • Improved Awoken Skills for all applicable monsters
  • Monster Box Max Capacity Increase
  • Max Stamina Display Adjustments
  • Bug fixes   
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