Puzzle & Dragons update 6.4.2 is live; patch notes here

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A new update for Puzzle & Dragons has gone live today, bringing the game up to version 6.4.2. Today's update packs plenty of changes and additions, including color blind assistance for those who have trouble recognizing colors in certain settings.

When the color blind support function is turned on, the hues of color orbs will be modified to assist with recognition of that particular color. You can find this function in the "Options>Dungeon" menu. 

In addition to color blind functionality, health points bar stats have also been modified. Now, depending on the amount of remaining HP you have during a battle, the color of the stats will start to change, offering five different variations of severity. Green is max while red is obviously not good.

Other changes and additions include:

  • New Ultimate Fusions for several popular series of monsters, including the Ninjas and Late Bloomer Dragons
  • Improved Leader Skills for the Hero Gods, Awoken skill changes, and additions made to several monsters
  • New difficulties for the Daily Dungeons (Tues, Thurs, Fri) with new Evo Materials available
  • The option to disable Mass Attack animations
  • Update download bar visualization change
  • Score Mode feature added, with Top Ranks displayed on certain Special Dungeons.
  • iOS Only: iCloud in-app restore feature to backup play data when changing between iOS devices
  • Android SD Card Data migration to back up some additional data to an SD card if there is not enough available memory on the device.
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