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Puzzle & Dragons takes us on a Ninja Rider Carnival


If you’re the type that likes the “glass cannon” style of gameplay, you’d love the ninja characters in Puzzle & Dragons. This means these types of characters have an extraordinarily high attack attribute but lack in hit points and recovery. Sure these characters have their place, but only on the right built team comps.

This leads me to the Ninja Rider Carnival currently going on. This even is live now and will be going on until Thursday 7/10 at 11:59 PDT. This event has 15 unique selected mosters dropping at a X3 rate. These monsters will include shinobi, the complete Rider Series, and the Blazing Maiden Princess Valkyrie. On top of all that, these monsters will come to you at level 30 or higher.

Here is the complete list:

982 Blazing Maiden, Princess Valkyrie

803 Kushinadahime
370 Idunn&Idunna

- Ninja Series -
555 Mochizuki Chiyome
557 Hatsume no Tsubone
559 Sarutobi Sasuke
561 Fuma Kotaro
563 Hattori Hanzo

- Rider Series -
378 Dino Rider
380 Beast Rider
382 Marine Rider
384 Dragon Rider
386 Gryps Rider

358 Genie
1075 Strawberry Dragon

Best of luck!

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