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Puzzle & Dragons: Save 50 stamina for the Super Emerald Dragons Descended! special dungeon today

emerald dragon

Monday 4/21/14:

If you play Puzzles & Dragons on your iPhone or Android, save up your stamina today for the special dungeon "Super Emerald Dragons Descended!". Costing 50 Stamina, this five-battle dungeon rewards players with High Emerald Dragons, King Emerald Dragons and Super King Emerald Dragons. 

The Emerald Dragons give more experience with fusing them into your green monsters, but still give a good amount of experience to different elements. Here's the amounts they give:

  • High Emerald Dragon: 15,000 xp, 22,500 xp same element
  • King Emerald Dragon: 55,000 xp, 82,500 xp same element
  • Super King Emerald Dragon: 100,000 xp, 150,000 xp same element

Make sure to bring a Lilith with you for the poison. Also, a wood element resist doesn't hurt, like Odin. 

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