Puzzle & Dragons puts us back into the shadows with the Midnight Gala

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Have you been holding onto your gems for some sweet dark units in Puzzle & Dragons? What better time than now to get them than in the Midnight Gala? Hint, there isn’t one. This event corrupts the Rare Egg Machine and makes it all dark like. You’ll have the option to receive some powerful six star, five star, and four star characters with a chance at starting level 30.

This event starts tomorrow 7/11 and will go until 7/17 at 11:59 PDT. Just who are these higher drop rate characters? Glad you asked:

6 ★
982 Blazing Maiden, Princess Valkyrie
564 High Dark Ninja, Hanzo
387 Gryps Rider Finn

5 ★
1239 Lu Bu
1073 Pandora
807 Okuninushi
753 Incarnation of Byakko, Haku
638 Fallen Angel Lucifer
628 Archangel Lucifer
575 Persephone
498 Anubis
376 Loki
244 Vritra
140 Yomi
130 Hades

1084 Purple Sky Fruit, Grape Dragon
563 Hattori Hanzo
386 Gryps Rider
361 Thanatos, the Dark Elemental
320 Dark Golem Mk.III
302 Drawn Joker
233 Chaos Dragon Knight
215 Chaos Devil Dragon
205 Witch of the Night, Lilith
121 Tiamat

4 ★
1083 Grape Dragon
360 Thanatos
301 Pierdrawn
120 Basilisk
111 Vampire Lord
109 Dark Dragon Knight
97 Lilith
87 Dark Golem Mk.II

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