Puzzle & Dragons opens the floors to the Spirit Jewels event

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Let’s not sugar coat anything there, the new Puzzle & Dragons Spirit Jewels event is only for higher tier players. We’re talking the gathering of evo materials to ultimate powerful units. You know, the type of players that can simply farm Descended Dungeons. Must be nice (jealousy)!

During this event, the Five Element Gods Kirin of the Aurora, Sakuya, Heavenly Guide Suzaku, Leilan have a chance to randomly appear during Legend and Mythical difficulties in the Descended Dungeons. When these gods are defeated they will drop Evo Materials (Jewels) required to ultimate Kouryu the Star Emperor, Fagan and Archdemon Beelzebub.

There are some catches here. Each day, a different element will drop only. So figure out the ones you need and hardcore farm dat s@#$. Who knows when this dungeon will appear again. This time around it started today and will go until 7/25. So, well, yea, you got some time.

Best of luck!  

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