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Puzzle & Dragons opens the floor for a player voted Godfest


How does a Puzzle & Dragons Godfest sound where the players PICK the gods? Yea, pretty damn awesome, that’s what I thought. Well right now, via the Puzzle & Dragons Facebook page, you can vote once for which god you’d like to see in the upcoming fest. It’s THAT easy. There is a choice of 70 characters (not just gods despite the name) for you to vote one. The top 20 characters make it into the Godfest.

So in a nutshell, the game’s best 20 characters are going to have a higher drop rate since they will most likely be the 20 the community picks – that’s pretty phenomenal. Vote now! Keep in mind there are three pages and not just the first you see. As a note, Odin, Metatron, Sonia, and Guan Yu will only have their normal x3 drop rate if they are selected – not a super drop rate.  

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