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Puzzle & Dragons has a Final Fantasy collaboration coming soon

Hold onto your butts!


Holy crap Puzzle & Dragons! You are truly the master of awesome collaborations. You plucked my heart strings with Evangelion, stole my heart with DC characters, and now you're running me over with a full-on Final Fantasy truck. My body is ready for such a noble death. Take me ol' Final Fantasy gods!

This upcoming collaboration was born during the “Puzzle & Dragons 3rd Anniversary Live Broadcast in Nicofarre.” On the GungHo Puzzle & Dragons site there has been image posted showing Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud Strife and Final Fantasy X’s Yuna. At the bottom of the image is the forshadowing message of “Coming Soon…” WHEN IS SOON!? PAD is free on iOS and Android.

So yea, this is awesome. Well done, Puzzle & Dragons. You’ve made it possible for Cloud and Rei to be in the same party.

Life complete.     


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