Puzzle & Dragons developer's sales spike by 945 percent

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The first half of the year has been a huge success for GungHo Online Entertainment, the developer of the massively popular Puzzle & Dragons mobile game.

GungHo's sales increased by 945.5 percent year-over-year between January and June, reaching $763 million, according to the company. Net income totaled $287 million. More than half that amount of total revenue came from the second quarter, with daily sales for that period hitting $4.9 million and $1.8 million for daily net income.

The mobile phenomenon may actually be slowing down, according to analyst Dr. Serkan Toto. Puzzle & Dragons hit 17 million registered users last week. GungHo plans to bring the title to several European countries and also the Nintendo 3DS as a sequel called Puzzle & Dragons Z.

The company released a new game late last week called Freak Tower, which may help GungHo keep revenue steady if Puzzle & Dragons has indeed hit its peak.


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