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Puzzle & Dragons brings the Pink Dragon Egg Machine for healer girls

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In case you’ve missed the Pink Dragon Egg machine, it’s back in Puzzle & Dragons. From now until Sunday 6/15, this option is open to the community. For 5 gems, you can make a pull and wish for the best. This event revolves around healer girls. This includes the Valkyries, Isis, Venus, and the Couriers.

Here are the characters you could get:


  • 1270 Burning Maiden, Princess Valkyrie (6★, 4x rates) NEW
  • 982 Blazing Maiden, Princess Valkyrie (6★, 4x rates)
  • 972 Lovely Maiden, Princess Valkyrie (6★, 4x rates)
  • 492 Isis (5★, 4x rates)
  • 128 Venus (5★, 4x rates)


  • 415 Fire Courier Mitsuki
  • 418 Water Courier Ruka
  • 421 Wind Courier Kano
  • 424 Light Courier Fuu
  • 427 Dark Courier Kurone


  • 414 Mitsuki
  • 417 Ruka
  • 420 Kano
  • 423 Fuu
  • 426 Kurone

Best of luck!

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