Puzzle & Dragons 6.4.4 update has descended

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Before you flip a s@#$ over a potential massive update, there are only a few small alterations on this Puzzle & Dragons 6.4.4 patch. Most of these changes are bug fixes – thus making the game run more as intended now. Best of all, this patch is quick and won’t force any down time upon players.

As of now, 5/12, this patch is optional for you to download on your own. Come Tuesday,  5/13, this patch will be forced upon you. Before patching, make sure you exit the game completely first.

The meat and potatoes to this patch are Orb Enhances being retained after Orb Changes and Awoken Skill changes. Now when you use a power that changes orbs from one color to another, the orbs will retain their enhanced properties if they had them.

  • Recover Bind now recovers 3 turns of bind after matching horizontally.
  • Two-Pronged Attack now increases damage before attacking two enemies.
  • Reduce [elemental] Damage now reduces the rate of damage from [elemental] monsters will be increased.


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