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Publisher X Announces Slap Happy for iPhone and iPod touch

July 1, 2009


Publisher X Announces Slap Happy, an iPhone Videogame Inspired by Mondo Media’s Popular “Happy Tree Friends” Animated Series

Publisher X, a videogame publisher committed to providing entertaining and innovative titles through the growing digital distribution channel, and Mondo Media are proud to announce that Slap Happy, a new mobile app inspired by the global hit animated series “Happy Tree Friends” is in development and scheduled for release on Apple® iPhone™ and iPod® touch this August.

“Happy Tree Friends receives over 30 million online video views per month, airs on MTV in most major markets overseas, and has sold over 1 million DVDs worldwide, making it one of the most popular animated brands of all time. We’re thrilled to bring our take on this irreverent comedy to iPhone owners worldwide,” said Mel Kirk, Director of Marketing for Publisher X. “If you’re a fan of the series, or simply like edgy humor, Happy Tree Friends will definitely be a welcome addition to your iPhone library when it releases in August.”

Slap Happy is a unique game application that puts your very own cute, cuddly and unsuspecting Happy Tree Friend in the palm of your hand. Inspired by the animated shorts from the cult sensation, “Happy Tree Friends”, Slap Happy allows you to tease and play with your furry friend, but be sure to keep your little pal safe and out of harm’s way because you never know when crazy things are bound to happen!

Slap Happy takes full advantage of the iPhone touch screen and accelerometer to extend the different circumstances that Happy Tree Friends characters can experience and that fans have come to love and expect from the series. To learn more about “Happy Tree Friends” or Slap Happy, please visit the official website at:

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