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PT Boats: Knights of the Sea is Going DirectX 10

June 29, 2007

PT Boats: Knights of the Sea is Going DirectX 10

Akella announces that their naval simulator, “PT Boats: Knights of the Sea” will take advantage of DirectX 10

The usage of DirectX 10 and latest NVIDIA GeForce graphics processors will make the visual experience even more realistic and exciting. The “PT Boats” development team is working closely with NVIDIA engineers to ensure for NVIDIA GeForce users to have the best possible gaming experience.

“NVIDIA’s GeForce 8 Series GPU’s are being used as the reference graphics platform for development and testing making many enhancements possible in the DirectX10 version” – says Anton Kaplanyan, the lead programmer of the game.

With “PT Boats: Knights of the Sea” Akella aims not only to hit the hardcore gamers, but also the casual ones, by means of variety in difficulty and multiplayer modes. “Delivering the gameplay with great visual and audio experience is the key challenge for PT Boats developers. We are sure that our participation in NVIDIA “The Way It’s Meant To Be Played” support program and enabling latest GPUs features on DirectX 10 and DirectX 9 platforms will make the game even brighter for all the naval game fans to enjoy”, says Dmitry Arkhipov, Akella Development CEO.

Click here to download a new DirectX 10 video for PT Boats: Knights of the Sea.

PT Boats: Knights of the Sea is a naval action simulator that places gamers in charge of a mosquito fleet of the Allied Forces, Russia or Germany during the height of World War II. Take command of a boat and control each member of the crew. Shoot down aircrafts using machineguns, torpedo hostile destroyers and supply ships. Plan your attacks in tactical mode, then switch to action mode and lead your fleet to the victory. In fact, you can do whatever it takes to accomplish your mission. While advancing in rank you’ll get more boats and warships under your command.
Fight versus real opponents in multiplayer game. Align with your friends to create the best ship crew ever and beat the rival team in a fair battle!

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