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Psyonix 'looking into' Rocket League on other platforms

Hasn't confirmed an Xbox One version yet, but come on...

Psyonix hasn't announced an Xbox One version of Rocket League yet, but in a recent interview with GameZone that will be published in full later this week, the developer confirmed they are looking into bringing the wildly popular cars-meets-soccer game to other platforms.

While he couldn't reveal platforms or a timetable, Jeremy Dunham, Vice President of Marketing and Communications of Psyonix, revealed the studio is "definitely looking into other platforms. Absolutely, 100 percent."

"Now that the game is doing as well as its doing and people really want to see, we've focused on this," he said. "We're now in a position that we can expand our team. We are absolutely, 100 percent going to other platforms. What those platforms are and when we'll come to them, I don't know yet."

Dunham went on to explain that the reason Rocket League launched first on PlayStation 4 and PC was not due to any sort of agreement or restrictions with Sony regarding a PlayStation Plus release, but rather their own limitations due to the team's size.

"The number one reason we're only on PlayStation and PC is because the team is small," Dunham explained. "For the majority of the development, there were only 8 to 12 people working on Rocket League, and we've only very recently --  in the last few weeks -- added a couple of people to that count."

"The reason that we had to focus is because with that many people, and we're perfectionists on top of that, we wanted to make sure the game ran well and that it had as many positive elements as possible, and that we weren't just trying to port it to as many platforms as we possibly could just to try to maximize our profit," he continued.

"We wanted to make that it was very good, very polished, that everybody liked it, and the only way we could ensure that was to focus on two platforms. Really, it's a platform and a half because the way the PlayStation tools work is that it makes it a lot easier than say something like the  PlayStation 3 to move development on PC where we started our alphas on this game over to PlayStation and start optimizing from there. So that was the main reason we're only on those platforms."

So with Rocket League performing well, and the team expanding, what platforms can we expect? 

"Nothing is off the table," Dunham said. "If the game can work on the platform and we can responsibly get that game working on a platform, we will never say never to any of the platforms that are current-gen. Anything is possible."

At this point, a release on Xbox One seems like a given, and even though Dunham couldn't commit to it, I feel like it's a sure thing. 

Last week, Psyonix released patch 1.03, and gave us a look at Rocket League's first DLC pack: Supersonic Fury. And yes, we did talk to Dunham about it and Psyonix's future DLC plans, so stay tuned for the full interview to be published later this week.

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