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Psychological puzzler The Crow's Eye is now available on Steam

A budget price thinker.

The Crow's Eye, a psychological puzzler that borrows elements from Portal, BioShock, and Gone Home has officially released today on Steam. In The Crow's Eye, you play as a young man who has found himself caught in the abandoned Crowswood University, with nothing but a psychotic voice over an intercom to give you context into what is happening. All you really know is that you have to escape. 

As you travel throughout the game's world, you will unravel a very complicated plot behind the disappearances of four students via documents and audio logs. Instead of relying on the cliched jump scares, The Crow's Eye attempts to get at you through its creepy environments and uncertainty around every corner.

Here's a feature list for the game:

  • Explore a variety of haunting, mysterious environments in a first-person adventure of investigation and psychological terror.
  • Use your wits--and the items you find scattered through the environment--to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles that you will encounter through nine different levels.
  • Investigate an intense story narrated through recordings, documents and radio, and piece together the mystery of what happened at Crowswood and why you're there.
  • Enjoy a haunting original soundtrack that will keep you immersed at all times. 

The Crow's Eye is available now exclusively for PC.

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