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PSN to Return May 31 ... Maybe


The shutdown gamers initially thought would last a couple of days has turned into a couple of weeks, and now it seems gamers are facing a month-long wait. Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation Network is likely to stay down until the end of the month. The report came from an interview with Bloomberg, in which Sony rep Shigenori Yoshida revealed the company's plans for the online service.

According to Yoshida, the PlayStation 3 and PSP manufacturer aspires to bring back all of its online services before May 31. Given Sony's careful approach since the hacker attacks on the PSN, it's highly likely that users won't have full access to all of the service's features until the deadline.

It's been a long delay for gamers, but this news is certain to give them a gleam of hope. Countless PSN users were denied the privilege to play Mortal Kombat and Portal 2 online. And then there was SOCOM 4. Additionally, gamers haven't been able to access the PlayStation Store, barring any digital purchases. (All I wanted was to play The Fancy Pants Adventures!) In what can easily be considered the biggest setback of this whole ordeal, users' personal information was breached.

Keeping all of that in mind, a lot of developers, both major and independent, have been unable to make money off their PSN titles. This is unfortunate, especially for indie devs who largely rely on the cash they make from their downloads. May 31 can't come soon enough. Let's hope Sony has the PSN up and running by the end of the month and that security is better than before.

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