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PSN Gets Retro-Inspired Arkedo Series


It would be difficult for even the most avid indie fans to blame anyone else for not knowing about the Arkedo series. After all, the three titles that make up the franchise launched on Xbox Live Indie Games. And we know how well that service promotes its content.

Sure, indie dev Sanuk Games was able to churn out the three Arkedo titles at a rapid pace, but they didn't exactly fare very well from a commercial standpoint. Now, though, the company is looking at the future, and it will launch its games across the PlayStation Network. Basically, if you're a fan of old school titles or indie games, you should definitely be stoked.

The three games set for release on Sony's digital games market are titled Jump!, Swap!, and Pixel! Each of these three titles offers a different type of retro experience, and they all bleed wonderful pixelated charm. But don't take my word for it (plug incoming)--check out the official announcement from Sanuk Games.

Pretty awesome, huh? Admittedly, Jump! and Pixel! are the titles I'm most excited to play, but even Swap! has an addictive and endearing look to it, especially for you puzzle fanatics. The games will be landing on the PlayStation Store soon, and they will be priced at $2.49 each. PlayStation 3 owners, watch out for the Arkedo series!

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