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PSN Debacle Leads to Class Action Suit against Sony


Forget about Sega. Sony does what Nintendon't: they put their consumers in an abysmal situation by compromising personal information. After the PlayStation Network was down for about a week, Sony finally gave insight into the whole situation. As it turns out, an unknown hacker wormed into Sony's PSN system and managed to extract users' private information. In case you're wondering about the severity of the breach, several million registered users may have had their names, birthdays, addresses, emails, and credit card information stolen.

Earlier today, a class action lawsuit was filed against the PlayStation 3 and PSP manufacturer. This reaction should come as no surprise, as a discretion this serious calls for equal backlash. The Rothken Law Firm declared the lawsuit in a California court, and details are currently sparse.

According to attorney Ira P. Rothken, the lawsuit was filed in order for Sony to smarten up a bit and provide competent security for their online services. "We brought this lawsuit on behalf of consumers to learn the full extent of Sony PlayStation Network data security practices and the data loss and to seek a remedy for consumers," stated Rothken. "We are hopeful that Sony will take this opportunity to learn from the network vulnerabilities, provide a remedy to consumers who entrusted their sensitive data to Sony, and lead the way in data security best practices going forward."

Sony's minimal security has hit many consumers hard, as they now suffer a potentially devastating financial situation. It's obvious all of those firmware updates were rubbish because the hacker who infiltrated the system managed to access possibly every user's account. This lawsuit against Sony isn't surprising, and plenty of gamers are bound to feel that it is justified at this time. But those who continue to sing praises of Sony need to forget loyalties and appreciate the gravity of this issue.

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