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PSN maintenance is so last gen and Shuhei Yoshida agrees


New PlayStation generation, same ol' PSN maintenance issues. As most are PlayStation gamers are probably aware by now, Sony's scheduled PSN maintenance today was extended today by two hours.

Originally expected to conclude at 2:00pm PT, the maintenance will now continue until 4:00pm PT. Needless to say, not many are happy about the two additional hours, which now brings the entire maintenance window to seven hours total.

Expressing frustration, one fan took to Sony President Shuhei Yoshida's twitter calling PSN maintenance "very last gen." And Yoshida's response?

As if there was a chance this type of thing could change in the future, Yoshida went on to explain that it already has with the PlayStation 4.

According to Sony, if you've already signed into the network over the past few days, you should still be able to play online and access apps during this period, though you may receive a maintenance notification when attempting to access the PlayStation Store, Account Management, and PlayStation Home. A number of users today, however, reported an issue that prevented them from playing certain PS4 games online. It's unclear of the maintenance is related to this, though.

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