PSN 'intermittently available' as Destiny beta launches

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As you're probably aware, the launch of Destiny's beta today for PS4 and PS3 has crushed both Bungie's and Sony's servers. Though it appears Bungie has fixed the problem (you are now able to grab your key), downloading the beta from Sony's PlayStation Store is a whole other process. Users -- including us -- have been greeted with error messages upon attempting to download the beta.

Over on the PlayStation Support site, Sony has posted the following message: "The PlayStation Network is currently experiencing high volume and users may experience issues when connecting to the service. We will update you with any changes that may occur in regards to this issue. Thank you for your patience."

PlayStation Network is currently listed as "intermittently available," which basically means the service is spotty due to high amounts of traffic.

It's worth noting that we've been able to start the download on our PS4, but it is going extremely slow, though I'm sure some of that is due to the large file size of the beta (10.97GB). I guess that's why they hold these types of betas.

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