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PSA: Thomas Was Alone is half off for a limited time


Have you played Thomas Was Alone yet? If not, you really should. Simply put, it's one of the most riveting pieces of video game goodness currently available on the PC and Mac. Thomas Was Alone tells an incredible tale about relationships, fears, hopes, and dreams, and it's a game worth being experienced.

For a limited time, you can snag Thomas Was Alone for $4.99. That's half off the original price, and you get both the PC and Mac versions. Hurry up and download the game ASAP, though, because it'll only be on sale until 5PM GMT. To be honest, I have no idea how long you actually have as that's international time, and I'm not even going to begin pretending I know the equivalent here in North America.

Thomas Was Alone offers a compelling blend of puzzle and platforming gameplay. It then fuses the experience together with incredible narration and a lovely soundtrack. It all comes together to create a beautiful ride from start to finish. I really can't praise developer Mike Bithell's efforts enough.

So yeah, check out Thomas Was Alone if you haven't already!

[Thomas Was Alone Store]

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