PSA: Edmund McMillen launches The Basement Collection on Steam

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Are you looking for some wonderfully plentiful indie gaming awesomeness? Of course you are! Well, it's your lucky day, because The Basement Collection is now available on Steam! Yay!

This compilation collects seven of Edmund McMillen's past hits, and it even includes two secret titles. Because surprises are awesome, you guys! The games feature achievements, tweaked controls, and other cool extras.

You can snag The Basement Collection for $4. Of course, a sexy loyalty discount was added to the collection to make it even more amazing. If you own any of McMillen's previous titles on Steam, you'll get 30 percent off the original price, which equals out to $2.79 for all nine games.

If you're a fan of McMillen's or just an indie game lover, be sure to scope out The Basement Collection. Well, I know what I'll be playing this weekend.

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