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PSA: Audiosurf 2 is out! No, seriously!

Audiosurf 2

Audiosurf was one of the first games I ever purchased on Steam back in the day. It was my obsession. I didn't really care to set high scores, instead, I just enjoyed coasting through each new level that was powered by my music. It was also during a time when DDR was another one of my obsessions (I was really skinny back then) so naturally I took to Audiosurf's rhythm game nature.

I would be straight up lying to you if I told you that I knew Audiosurf 2 existed. But low and behold, it exists! Not only that, it's available starting today on Steam Early Access for $14.99.

Audiosurf 2 also supports the Steam workshop, which will not only contain some new modes, but also new looks for the game.

If you're into games powered by your music, you can't get much better than Audiosurf, so by transitive property, Audiosurf 2 must be the bees knees.

Make sure to check back for updated impressions and an eventual review of the game as well.

Audiosurf 2 on Steam

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