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PS Vita Battery Will Last Five Hours


When word got out that the 3DS would only be able to function for about five hours at a time before requiring a recharge, plenty of gamers were perturbed. After all, the last two DS revisions boasted a notable battery life, so for the Big N's new handheld to sport only a fraction of the power of its predecessor, well, let's just say it was strange to say the least. That said, it seems a low battery life will be the trend for the new generation of handheld gaming devices.

Specs for the PlayStation Vita were released by Sony, and it looks like the upcoming platform won't be very long-lasting, either. According to the PlayStation manufacturer, the Vita's battery will last between three and five hours. That's not a whole lot of juice, and it's right on par with the 3DS.

Depending on what you're doing with your Vita, you'll be able to squeeze out varying degrees of power from the machine. Watching videos will score you up to seven hours of battery life. Listening to music will net you a total of nine hours. Meanwhile, depending on the functions of the games you play, enjoying this multimedia device for gaming will last you anywhere between the aforementioned three and five hours.

The Vita will take roughly two hours and 40 minutes to charge, so if you plan on taking it with you on the go, be sure to charge that sucker. The 3DS received a lot of criticism for its lackluster battery. It's going to be interesting to see how gamers react to this information.

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