PS4, Xbox 720 game prices expected to rise to $70

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With publishers split on the development costs for games on the PS4 and currently uannounced next-Xbox, there's a growing worry that consumers will see a rise in price of next-generation games. Earlier this week, industry analyst Michael Pachter gave gamers a reason to worry when he suggested PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 games are likely to cost $70 each.

Let's do the math and that puts us as $10 over the current-generation's $60 sticker price. The good news is that Sony has already said the PS4 will not block used games, which means second-hand sales should flourish in the next-generation. I just can't see consumers paying for multiple $70 games. Have you seen how many games have been released this month? Then again, it's also worth noting that SCEA CEO Jack Tretton has also said PlayStation 4 titles will max out at $60.

So who is right? The SCEA CEO or industry analyst Michael Pachter? I'm hoping Sony.

[GameSpot via Twitter]

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