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PS4 will support PSN handle, real name and Facebook search


The PlayStation 4 will feature a new ID system that will recognize players by their online handle or real name. Sony senior staff engineer Chris Norden talked a little about the PS4's ID system, explaining PSN will support Facebook search, meaning it'll be even easier to connect with friends. It will also support the ability to search for a person by their full real name, though true names will not be displayed by default.

Speaking about the PS4's other social capabilities, Norden explained the console will automatically record your last few minutes of gameplay at all times, making it even more convenient to share your highlights with friends. By simply hitting the Share button, you'll be able to retrieve and access that footage which will be broken down into chapters that are labeled directly in the PS4's built-in video editor.

As we saw from the images of the PlayStation 4's user interface, Sony is placing a heavy emphasis on the social aspect of gaming. Players will be able to create, edit, and share clips of their gameplay directly from the PS4 with a simple press of the Share button. Making it even easier to connect with friends is just another step toward simplifying the social process.

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