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PS4 will be a 'big leap', but PS3 still has 'a lot' left in it


The next-gen PlayStation is going to be "exciting", to say the least.  Speaking to Official PlayStation Magazine, MotorStorm RC game director Paul Rustchynsky commented on the possibility that next-gen consoles, like the PlayStation 4 will be a "big leap" over the current gen of consoles.

With the PlayStation Vita launching worldwide this week, and capable of producing an almost identical experience to the PS3 in such a small size, OPM asked Rustchynsky what he believes that says about the next generation of gaming consoles.

"Next gen? People are talking about it, it’s going to be exciting. The future is going to be exciting," he said.

"We’re just not there yet in terms of where we’re going to step to next. It’s going to be a big leap. And we hope it’s going to be a big leap, but we’re not there yet."

Rustchynsky pointed out a strong 2012 lineup for PS3 exclusives which includes games like the recently released Twisted Metal and the highly anticipated The Last of Us.  To him, this suggested the PS3 still has life left in it and that he's not thinking about upgrading anytime soon.

"I think for 2012 we’ve got a huge, exciting year. There’s The Last Of Us, that’s just going to be phenomenal, there’s Twisted Metal next week," he explained. "There’s a huge range of exclusives still coming out for the PS3, then there’s the Vita with a huge range of exclusive as well. I’m not thinking about upgrading to whatever’s next."

Citing SCEE CEO Jim Ryan, and his previous comments about the PS3 "not yet hitting the same price point as when the PS2 really took off", OPM asked Rustchynsky if he believed the PS3 has hit its peak yet.

"I think that was eight years into its lifecycle. I think the PS3 has a lot of legs left in it yet," Rustchynsky said. "I don’t think people should dismiss it right now."

"There are so many exclusive developers working for Sony right now, making really exciting games and I don’t many of those have been announced yet. As proved with the PS2 I don’t think the technological barriers are pushed quite until the last minute. I think The Last Of Us, when they announced that trailer was all in engine, I think people were wowed by that and rightly so. Those guys are incredibly talented."

Despite rumors of a 2012 PS4 announcement, Rustchynsky's comments seem to echo what we've heard from Sony over the past few months.  Sony has said they intend to follow the original 10-year plan for the PS3, while focusing the majority of their effort in 2012 on the launch of their new handheld system, the PlayStation Vita.

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