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PS4 Uncharted will still have Nathan Drake


Good news PlayStation fans, Nathan Drake will still be in the the newly revealed Uncharted for PS4. As if there was ever any doubt.

NeoGAF user WarrenMax007 was kind enough to share a translation of a PlayStation Russia Facebook Status that says, "We would like to share some important news with you, first trailer of Uncharted on PS4 has been released! Where do you think Nathan Drake's fate will take him this time?"

As the Gaffer points out, PlayStation Russia was also responsible for leaking Mass Effect 3 back in 2010, three weeks before its VGA reveal. It's also worth noting that Nolan North, back in September, said he was working with developers that are using the PS4, though he didn't reveal the game at the time.

Naughty Dog unleashed a very brief teaser trailer during the PS4 All Access launch event on November 15, but the absence of Nathan Drake's voice might have led some to believe he wouldn't be returning. Come on, really? Nathan Drake is Uncharted. I just hope they don't bring in Shia LaBeouf to play his son.

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