PS4 tops Xbox One as fastest selling console in UK; surpasses Wii U lifetime sales

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Sony's PlayStation 4, which released in the UK on Friday, November 29, has become the fastest selling video game console in UK history, topping the Xbox One launch sales while also breaking the 8 year record held by the original PSP. 

The news comes via GfK Chart-Track which didn't reveal specific sales, though numerous retailers have indicated to MCV that over 250,000 consoles were sold in the UK in just the first 48 hours of availability. Microsoft's Xbox One, comparitively, sold around 150,000 units in its first 48 hours in the UK.

Aside from topping the Xbox One during its launch, the PS4's sales have also painted a grim picture for Nintendo's Wii U. If the number of PS4 units sold is indeed accurate, it would mean that the PlayStation 4, in just 48 hours, has already surpassed the Wii U's lifetime sales in the UK. The Wii U was released over a year ago, so let that sink in.

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