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PS4 survey hints at future reputation system and PlayStation username change


Sony could adopt a player reputation system for the PS4 similar to that of the one Microsoft has created for the Xbox One, if a new survey is to be believed.

Sony reportedly sent out the survey to select PS4 owners, asking them to rate possible features they'd like to see in future updates. Among the features are a "player reputation system based on a user rating system" and an "advanced matchmaking system" to help pair you with preferred players or players at your skill level.

Other possible features include the ability to chat across the various PlayStation Platforms, change your PlayStation username (PLEASE!), appear invisible to your friends, and party chat with more than 8 people at a time. Sony is also looking into on-screen notifications when your friends come online and the synchronization of messages across platforms, "so that PS3/PS Vita messages all appear on PS4 and vice versa." 

Meanwhile, the next PlayStation 4 system software update, to be released in the "upcoming weeks," will enable the ability to turn off HDCP, allowing you to capture gameplay via HDMI. Sony is also adding "rich video editor" tools that allow you to personalize your video clips, and the ability to export to and save the videos and screenshots you capture to a USB drive.


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