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PS4's The Witness gets a screenshot update

The Witness lake Gallery_small_the-witness-swamp-area

Jonathan Blow has released two more screenshots for upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive The Witness. Blow opted not to show an Island Snapshot as the majority of the view is taken up by the mountain. Instead, we have two individual screenshots of two areas both described as a "work in progress."

The first is of a "lake that's central to the island" while the second screenshot is a "swampy area with light buildings and walkways." Blow explained that the vegetation in this swampy area is only temporary and that the graphics will look better in the final version of the game.

When it's all said and done, the island in The Witness should play home to nearly 500 puzzles, each with a unique idea inside of it.

The Witness doesn't yet have a release date for the PlayStation 4, though it has been described as a "timed exclusive," meaning it could also eventually makes its way over to the Xbox One or other platforms.

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