PS4 pre-orders sold out at GameStop again

PlayStation 4 (console) Screenshot - PS4 graphics

GameStop's supply of PlayStation 4 consoles has run dry. Just yesterday the video game retailer was still selling PlayStation 4 "Starter" Bundles for $569.96. It appears, however, that they've now sold out of these systems meaning if you still want a PS4 at launch, you'll have to look elsewhere. Good luck with that as most retailers appear to be sold out by now.

The PlayStation 4 is set to release Friday, November 15, with many retailers holding midnight release events. As we noted earlier this week, there's still a chance your local GameStop is holding on to a few PS4 units for the first few walk-ins without a pre-order, but you probably have to line up early. And it's definitely not a guarantee that you'll even get one.

Various retailers will be handling the launch of the PS4 differently tonight and tomorrow, but it appears the system will be extremely hard to find if you haven't already pre-ordered one.

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