PS4 leads next-gen console sales for 7th consecutive month

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Earlier this week, Sony revealed that PS4 sales have topped 10 million consoles globally. As a result of those sales, it's been announced that July was the seventh consecutive month Sony's new console was number one in sales. It remains the cumulative leader for next-gen game sales, Sony tacked on to the NPD Group's report for July sales.

In addition to console sales, PS4 also led next-gen software sales "by a considerable margin" for the month of July. A lot of that can be attributed to the release of The Last of Us Remastered which took the number one overall sport in sales. PS4 games accounted for more than half of total next-gen software sales, Sony added.

And lastly, for the second consecutive month, PlayStation -- PS4 and PS3 included -- was number one in combined home console hardware sales.

NPD Group noted, “When combining life-to-date sales of Xbox One and PS4 after nine months, and comparing them to the combined totals of nine months of sales for Xbox 360 and PS3, sales of the newest consoles are larger than the prior generation by close to 80 percent.”

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