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PS4 Launch Week: Knack Review Round-up


With the PlayStation 4's release just a few days away, it's time to see if the game's that will be available at launch live up to expectations. Or better yet, do they make the PS4 a must-buy system? Given that it's already sold out at many retailers, buying a PS4 on release day is probably not an option, but we're going to take a look at what reviewers are saying about the games anyway. Killzone: Shadow Fall didn't quite live up to expectations, but now we're taking a look at Knack, the system's exclusive action/platformer.

IGN - 5.9/10

"Playing Knack is like watching a dull movie on a plane – it's tolerable if all you want is a way to pass the time, but it's not something you'd seek out for its own sake."

Eurogamer - 4/10

"Knack isn't the kind of game you'll want to take home with your PlayStation 4. I'm all in favour of games that transport us back to the good old days of vibrant originality, but Knack simply doesn't."

Polygon - 6/10

"Knack has too little going on over its 12 hour length. The core concepts are strong - it's fun to watch Knack grow bigger and smash things. The incredible imagination promised by the dawn of new hardware is on display in Knack. But the moments of payoff come too infrequently to make plodding through another three dozen frustrating enemies any less tedious."

CVG - 6/10

"From start to finish Knack feels like an overly-familiar platformer and, visuals aside, demonstrates little of the PlayStation 4's full potential. There are fleeting moments when its campaign offers something unique, but these glimpses are imprisoned between unremarkable level design and mechanics which often creek with age."

Destructoid - 7/10

"It’s not the next blockbuster platformer you'd want out of a launch title, but you need a break from shooters or want something with some personality, Knack is worth a look."

Kotaku - "Yes"

"Knack is not a game to buy a PS4 for, but it's a game to use on the PS4, one that'll dazzle you with crisp visuals and excite you with its detailed main character. Get it as a showpiece for now if you're getting a PS4. Just don't expect to love it in a year. "

GameInformer - 8.25/10

"This won't be the one you put in to show off your new console to your friends. However, when you're done with the prettied-up versions of the big franchises, you'll find yourself wanting to return to Knack. It's got charm and heart, and offers a whole lot of good gameplay. Ultimately, that's still what's important - no matter which generation we're in."

Gamespot - 4/10

"There's not one element of Knack to rally around, to excite you. And without that special something, Knack crumbles just like its piecemeal protagonist."

Another batch of tough scores for another PlayStation 4 launch title. There are a few positives in there, but the overall consensus isn't looking too good for Mark Cerny's platformer. Perhaps this will be one of the early PS Plus games?

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